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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I tip my massage therapist?

No, you do not have to tip your massage therapist. As a health care professional, similar to a physiotherapist or chiropractor, you are not expected to tip. Save your money and put it towards your next massage. If you really enjoyed/benefitted from your massage, consider recommending us to a friend or family member in need. 

How can I pay for my treatment? 

We can offer credit or Visa debit payments(when added at the time of booking), direct billing to insurance, as well as e-transfer or Cash. If you'd prefer to pay by e-transfer please send your email before you come as cell service is likely non-existent at the Community Centre. WIFI is also not available, so I will process all payments/insurance afterwards.

How should I prepare for my massage treatment?

It is recommended that you:
  • Drink lots of water to ensure you are well hydrated before your massage treatment.
  • If possible, you wear loose fitting clothing or work-out gear to assist your therapist with your assessment.
  • Showering before treatment is a good idea, especially in the summer.
  • ​If you want your feet worked on, cleaning your feet before treatment is a good idea.
  • Bring an open mind. Often your therapist will talk to you about biomechanics, or physiology and may provide ideas that challenge how you thought your body works. Check out the blog to see more. ​

What Kind of Massage will I get? 

All treatment is custom-tailored to your specific needs. Don't want me to touch your neck? No problem. Want extra work on your legs? You got it. Your treatment is to help you feel your best. I want to get you back to those activities or jobs you thought you couldn't do anymore because you're "getting older" and "it's normal to be sore as we get older" Whether your in your 20's or 60's, this does not have to be the case (for many people). 

Will Massage Therapy hurt? 

Generally, no. Massage should not be painful. At times, when working on tender points, or injured or overused tissues some discomfort may be felt, but this should never be to the point of pain. Please speak up if something is uncomfortable. 
When should I arrive for my massage therapy treatment? 

Appointments always start and end on time. I recommend you arrive 5 minutes early, so we can maximize your hands-on time. We will usually go over some home care exercise, so I may ask you to get dressed about 5 minutes before the end of our time together. Without access to cell service or wifi, I will process payments later in the day, and rebooking should be done online, at your convenience. I apologize for the inconvenience.

What if I'm running late? 

If you are late, please understand that your appointment will still begin when you arrive, provided there is still at least 30 mins(of 45+ mins booked) remaining, but you are still expected to pay for the full appointment booked. If you booked only 30 mins, we will not do the treatment unless there is at least 20 mins left. Within 1 hour of your start time, the full amount is due, regardless of how much time you receive.

Are treatments silent or do you talk the whole time? 

Generally, I follow the lead of my patient. I will usually ask a couple of questions at the beginning of treatment and if conversation trails off that's fine. But, feel free to tell me during intake that you prefer a silent treatment. In that case, I will only check in about pressure, turning over or if I need you to actively move, or resist to help release/relax certain areas. 

Why is massage so expensive? I only have $500 of insurance, I can only come x number of times this year.

Massage therapy is not expensive. It's an investment in one's health, and nothing is more valuable than that. Your company provided insurance is not usually adequate to provide suitable coverage for most patients to achieve wellness. Without realizing, many jobs are very repetitive, so even without a specific injury, you job could still be causing you pain. For example, many office worker actually have forearm tension, but don't report wrist pain, so working forearms would be preventative. 
Many companies do not understand the benefits of massage to employees overall well being, stress levels, and decreases in repetitive strain, and therefore they do not ensure enough coverage.
Massage therapy is health care, so keep your receipts and they may help as medical expenses for tax purposes, with other expenses not covered, like glasses, prescriptions, or dental expenses. 
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